Flying high versus flying low

Living your Ultimate Champagne Life is about enriching your relationships with yourself and others … you can fly higher by simply elevating your daily experience. This week, at the delightful and heart warming musical Mary Poppins … I was reminded of the importance of flying high versus flying low. As nanny for the Banks family, Mary Poppins was faced with Mr Banks (George), who treats his wife, children and servants as assets rather than people … creating a dysfunctional family, by running their household like a British bank. Mrs Banks was starving for his attention and all their children … [Read more...]

Does Your Self Esteem Affect Your Child’s?

Parents that I work with sometimes worry about their children’s self esteem. Maybe the kids are scared of trying new things. Or they believe that no-one wants to be their friend. They might say negative things about themselves like “I’m just dumb”. There are lots of ways that our self esteem is built in life. What we hear from others about ourselves is an important ingredient. If parents were raised in a critical family atmosphere, it is possible that they will niggle in a critical way at their own kids - without even realising it. This is often done in the guise of ‘helping the kids … [Read more...]