An Ordinary Day

Just over 5 years ago I became a mumma and took on motherhood like each and every one of us. It was amazing, wonderful, delightful and a dream come true. My baby girl was developing according to what each and every textbook said. She crawled, walked and talked way ahead of time and was just a delight. There were two of us to take care of her and share the load so even during the tougher parts.. life was sweet. A couple of years passed and I was due to give birth to my second bubba. The pregnancy went beautifully yet again, and even the day of my little mans birth was quite the joke.. It was … [Read more...]

Into the Clear

Let me ask you something...... There's a question and a reasoning that's been playing on my mind lately, and it's almost been standing there with a red banner saying "Hello!! Read this message loud and you hear me?? Then, when you really get it...go out and SHARE it!!". And so my question to you is.... "Would you consider going for a day without a bath/shower? What about a week? Or even maybe......a month??" I can see you writhing now, I've gotten under your skin (which by the way is really, really dirty if you haven't noticed?? Take a bath will you!! lol), and it's amazing … [Read more...]

Feeling guilty?

There will never be a shortage of well-meaning relatives, neighbours, and people in the next aisle at the supermarket to tell you what you are doing wrong as a parent. There are so many different ways to approach the challenges of parenting that you can simply never please everyone, so it’s best not to try! But what can you do when the critical voice is coming from inside your own head? Feelings of guilt are very common for parents. For some, the huge range of parenting books and TV programmes don’t provide helpful options but an endless source of confusion, back-tracking and inconsistency. It’s … [Read more...]

Choosing schools from 12000 miles away…

Today our house hit the market and it has brought the realisation home to me that we really are moving back to New Zealand. So I need to organise schools for my children. After some research on the internet I have discovered that my eldest will start Year 7 in January. So I have tried to do some research, I have read ERO reports, but nothing quite replaces the 'feel' of a place, the sense of whether my son will fit in, and what the Principal is like. But we have done our best to narow down the search, and so the next worry rises to the surface. We are moving to the country, moving to the middle … [Read more...]

To label or not to label?

18 months ago my son’s school suggested that we may want to have him assessed. They felt that he was exhibiting behaviour that was concerning and that might need investigation. So off we went for an assessment, speech & language analysis and an observation at school.  Today we had our outcome. Or rather, today we had a long conversation with the paediatrician with no real outcome at all. It seems that my son is borderline Aspergers with Pragmatic Language Disorder. But then who’s labelling? Ultimately what we found out is that my son, actually, is happy. He has friends, he is achieving … [Read more...]