Guarding the Health, Security, and Safety of the Newborn Child

A newborn has an entire life to learn lessons about safety and security. New moms should start their babies off on the right track by making sure their environment is as healthy and safe as possible. Often, this means preparing for a secure environment before baby is even born. Most pediatricians recommend safety proofing the home prior to the birth of the child. This is wise even though most safety measures will not be necessary until the baby is mobile. Once baby is born, mothers are likely to be too busy or too tired to adequately cover all of the areas that need to be childproofed. The U.S. … [Read more...]

Getting my hands dirty!

 Well I have to admit that there is nothing quite like getting your hands dirty to clear the mind. Today I embraced farm life and set about making myself a veggie garden. But first, let me back up a bit. I woke this morning still with a sadness that weighed upon my heart. My mind has been turning over with all the questions about whether the move has been the 'right' decision and regretting all the things that I have left behind and now miss in England. So I started the day with asking my husband those awkward questions - are you happy? do you think we did the right thing? are you enjoying … [Read more...]

who or what lights up your life?

My name is Melinka Granich and I want to share with you two very special/magical things that light up my life. I am a 36-year-old mum of two special needs daughters. The 3 of us have what is called Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome – which means we have the tiniest piece of chromosome missing from our 22q arm. This syndrome has over 200 abnormalities. This syndrome is as high up there as the birth rate of Downs Syndrome. My oldest daughter Alicia has got the behavioural side of it including speech delays, and development delays. My youngest daughter Ella has the medical side of it including complex … [Read more...]

To label or not to label?

18 months ago my son’s school suggested that we may want to have him assessed. They felt that he was exhibiting behaviour that was concerning and that might need investigation. So off we went for an assessment, speech & language analysis and an observation at school.  Today we had our outcome. Or rather, today we had a long conversation with the paediatrician with no real outcome at all. It seems that my son is borderline Aspergers with Pragmatic Language Disorder. But then who’s labelling? Ultimately what we found out is that my son, actually, is happy. He has friends, he is achieving … [Read more...]

Losing those extra kilos with 3 under 4 AAAGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well what can I say.... It takes something..... between breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner,  changing nappies, feeding baby, listening to husbands day... washing washing washing, cleaning cleaning cleaning... when do you exercise?... The answer is you fit it in.... Just like a new baby fits into your life... it feels like it takes sooooo much at first..... then somewhere along the line it becomes part of your day... I am at the beginning of the fitting it into my life part.  :) After having Solomon, I started exercising at a local gym in Melbourne.... Fitness Kick ..... AWESOME … [Read more...]