We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver

I first read this book about three years ago, and I have to admit that it took me on rather an emotional journey. At times I found it harrowing, at times challenging and at times sad, but I could not put it down. For those that do not know this book, it is written from the perspective of a mother, writing/talking to her husband about their son Kevin. The book takes us through her journey, discovering her pregnancy, becoming a mother and raising her child. It is a book that really challenges the nature/nurture question as her son Kevin has done a terrible thing and she is wrestling with how this … [Read more...]

Guarding the Health, Security, and Safety of the Newborn Child

A newborn has an entire life to learn lessons about safety and security. New moms should start their babies off on the right track by making sure their environment is as healthy and safe as possible. Often, this means preparing for a secure environment before baby is even born. Most pediatricians recommend safety proofing the home prior to the birth of the child. This is wise even though most safety measures will not be necessary until the baby is mobile. Once baby is born, mothers are likely to be too busy or too tired to adequately cover all of the areas that need to be childproofed. The U.S. … [Read more...]

Affirmation anyone?

I saw on facebook the other day a great picture of a jar that said '365 quotes' and I thought what a great idea. Although rather than quotes, how about affirmations. So I went out and bought a jar, and set about filling it with affirmations. This was a much larger task than I first realised. Firstly, I want to use this jar with my children so I had to write affirmations that would be appropriate to them. Secondly I thought I would start with maybe 150 affirmations. These I have taken from Dr Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson and other people who inspire me. After writing them all … [Read more...]

who or what lights up your life?

My name is Melinka Granich and I want to share with you two very special/magical things that light up my life. I am a 36-year-old mum of two special needs daughters. The 3 of us have what is called Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome – which means we have the tiniest piece of chromosome missing from our 22q arm. This syndrome has over 200 abnormalities. This syndrome is as high up there as the birth rate of Downs Syndrome. My oldest daughter Alicia has got the behavioural side of it including speech delays, and development delays. My youngest daughter Ella has the medical side of it including complex … [Read more...]

Family Road Trip

We’ve just back from a week’s holiday in France. The weather was lovely, the food, as always, amazing, but the real test/fun of the trip is the two days it takes to get there and the two days on the way back. We enjoy driving to France, but I’m not sure how the children feel about it. The journey starts with leaving the house at 5am in order to be in Dover and on a ferry 3 hours later. An hour and a half on the ferry and we are in France! All of that we can do fine. The next part of the day is the five hour drive down, past Paris (if we’re lucky we catch a glimpse in the distance of the … [Read more...]