Christmas Traditions prize

Check out this awesome prize we have for you! Including Lifestream's EcoTanka, Spirulina Blue, Omega 3, Advanced Digestive Enzymes, Aloe Vera Gel & Quash Moisturising Hand Sanitiser Simply share with us your favourite things about Christmas, your traditions, recipes, gift ideas or memories. Comment in the box below, share on facebook or email, we look forward to hearing from you! … [Read more...]

Christmas Traditions

How do you celebrate Christmas? What are your traditions, favourite recipes, gift ideas, decorations? We would love to hear how you make this festive season special, happy and healthy for you and your family. Please visit our Facebook Page and post your traditions, pictures, ideas and all things that you would like to share about Christmas. You can also share your great Christmas Recipes on our Recipe Entry Form. Alternatively email with your ideas, or simply leave a message in the comment box below. Over the next six weeks all of your traditions will be posted … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays

So, we have finally made it to New Zealand, and our feet have not touched the ground since. In an effort to give the boys the three 'Rs' that all children need (Rest, Reassurance and Routine) we decided the best thing was to get them off to school as soon as possible. So we packed them off while their father and I worried about whether they would make friends, how they would fit in academically, and what the other children would make of their English accents. But the survived, enjoyed it even, and we have all collectively breathed a sigh of relief. And so we are now enjoying the Christmas holidays, … [Read more...]