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We have a bunch of special people who contribute to this site and share our plans and passions for healthy mums, families, communities and ultimately the planet!

We will be slowly introducing them to you over the coming months and hope you love their work and support the differences they are making out there as much as we do…details below…



Kasia Leach

Hey.. my name is Kasia Leach and I’m a mumma to a 5 year old female chatterbox and a 3 year old miniature Steve Irwin. I live in the foothills of Adelaide, South Australia, with my hubby, my two kamikazes, one bird and a million+1 fish. After leaving full-time work whilst pregnant with my second bubba and settling into the role of mumma to, two amazing little beings, I wanted to reclaim a bit of the old me.. a designer / photographer and somehow blend it together with the new me.. a mumma who likes to create cool tees and artwork for her kiddos.. so.. kasiabear designs was born. I am now able to work around my children, creating tees that make my children smile, handcrafted items that I love and sourcing quality art supplies that are timeless and grow with your children.

My parenting style is very much ‘free range’. I’m no expert, but the sound of giggles and laughter and the smiles on my kids faces let me know that I’m raising happy kids. Nature, art and sustainable living, all play an enormous part in our everyday life and I’d love to share with you how I blend these aspects into our family and my parenting.

To read her contributions to the big swell click here.

Kris Appleby

Kris Appleby is a mother of 3 – a grown up son just engaged to be married, a 12 year old daughter who is suffering the puberty blues and an 11 year old son with autism.  She also set up and runs Healthy Alternatives, a company committed to teaching people about food – from how to grow their own food, teaching them what is in the food they are eating and inspiring them to better food choices, with further personal support if required.

She’s also passionate about sustainability, reducing waste and being kind to yourself and the environment in the food and products  you use, and runs workshops on making your own household and beauty products.

Kris’s website healthyalternatives To read her contributions to the big swell click here.

Anne Harvey

I strengthen women in the role of mothering.  I provide tested solutions, total non judgemental confidentiality and empowering advice about some of the difficulties mothers of boys and girls face. I’m an author, speaker, facilitator, business owner, and life coach yet nothing prepared me for the ‘episodes’ my son’s introduced me to;   Truancy officers, ‘wrong crowd’ boys,  police, emergency dept staff, ‘wrong crowd’ girls, twitchy neighbours, fathers of teenage girls, mothers of other ‘lads’.

As a mother of these four I’ve learnt to do what the quote says;

“Rather than wait for the storm to pass over, – dance in the rain.”

As you probably know the rain in ‘Motherland’ is torrential at times, yet I’ve seen a long list of noble qualities emerge from my boys and the children whose mothers I coach; – respect, courage, kindness, self worth, perseverance, and much, much more. My book is called Son’s to Men – A Mothers Guide (Published by Harper Collins 2010) and it gives gritty, practical, realistic advice for you, – a mother.

Anne’s website lifework To read her contributions to the big swell click here.

Helen Padarin

 Naturopath, nutritionist and medical herbalist Helen Padarin has been in clinical practice for 11 years. She works from clinics in both Sydney and Wellington. Helen has been called on to write articles for popular health magazines, and to write a chapter on paediatrics for a clinical textbook published by Elsevier in 2011. In 2011 Helen presented at the Mindd International Forum on Children in Sydney and is a guest lecturer of Anatomy and Physiology. Helen holds a bachelor degree in Health Sciences (Naturopathy), advanced diplomas in nutrition, herbal medicine and massage and has completed extensive post-graduate training in treatment for metabolic, neurologic, digestive and immune disorders. Helen is passionate about conscious living, real food, vital health and empowering individuals, families and organisations to find the joy in being well. She gains constant inspiration from seeing clients make conscious changes to their physical health to find that it also benefits their emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing as well.

Helen finds nothing more satisfying than seeing patients and clients inadvertently spread inspiration to friends and family around them. Vitality, it turns out, is contagious! In spare time Helen enjoys practicing yoga, outdoor adventure, walking in nature, spending time by and in the ocean, sharing enriching and joyful experiences with friends and family, and continuing on the journey of “know thyself”. Helen’s website Nourish-ed. To read her contributions to the big swell click here.

Amy Black

Amy is the mother of four children, and has embraced her passion for healthy, homemade food by creating her blog on the monkey trail looking at demystifying cooking, and the realities of feeding four hungry boys. Her cooking is broad and experimental, inspiring people to reassess what and how they cook. Amy also contributes to barefoot and soul, a blog looking at juggling active lifestyles and family life.

To read her contributions to the big swell click here.

Emma Abrahams

Emma Abrahams is the mother of two girls, a role she relishes (most of the time). Being new to the world of parenting, Emma has thrown herself into it full force. She helps facilitate Parents Inc Toolbox courses in her local community; She has also joined her local Playcentre where she receives ongoing training in early childhood education; And Emma reads as many books and blogs as she can find on the topics of parenting and raising healthy children. Emma blogs about life as a mother, gardener, greenie and real foodie at Craving Fresh.

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Maree Wrack

Maree Wrack is an expert in showing people how to UPshift their lives and businesses while adding thousands to their bottom line! Having achieved her dream of financial independence after making every possible mistake along the way, Maree has written the book she wished was available for her 20 years ago. Her personal journey changed direction from spendthrift to wealth builder.

Maree’s website Champagne Life on a Beer Budget. To read her contributions to the big swell click here.

Melinka Granich

My name is Melinka Granich. I am a mother of two wonderful girls. Having found myself in a position of having a very ill child and facing the prospect of losing her, I went on a journey which led me to Reiki. For me personally I am passionate about people loving themselves unconditionally.

Loving life starts with loving yourself from the inside/out.

Melinka’s website tranquilityhealing. To read her contributions to the big swell click here.

Stephanie Hamilton

My name is STEPHANIE HAMILTON and I am a MOTHER of 3 beautiful daughters. These are the times to TREASURE. I am a wannabe photographer, blogger, gardener, baker, and enthusiast (with just about anything!! I get excited!!). This is our JOURNEY. A journey which I hope will INSPIRE and CREATE a new way of living that will ENRICH our lives and those around us.

Stephanie’s website sweetnektar To read her contributions to the big swell click here.

Katie Moore

Hi! My name is Katie. After getting married and having my first child, I have come to a realization that there are a few things I am extremely passionate about in life (besides my family): healthy living, baking, fashion, and all things ‘DIY’… oh and blogging about all of them! Here you will find my adventures as a SAHM, aspiring blogger and everything in between! I hope you take some time to look around, enjoy and come again!

Katie’s website moore from katie. To read her contributions to the big swell click here.


Big thanks to our swell folk for their contribution and support!!