our story

At the big swell, we say healthy Mothers grow healthy families.

We say that Mothers are the change agents for a better world.

We say less synthetics, less chemicals, less consumerism, less political correctness and less judgment!

We say more simplicity, more natural, more basics, more honesty and more acceptance!

We say becoming a mother gives you an innate desire to build a better future for your child.

We want you to join us in making a world of difference – one family at a time!

Who are you?

To us, you are our wave.  We welcome and value your input, honesty, contributions and views.  We want to know what you want and need, always and anytime.  Feel free to share with us in 2012, whether it be for your tummy swell, your heart swell, your head swell,  your bank swell or just being part of the big swell and its goal for healthy, happy families.We can’t wait to show you what we have in the “pipeline”.