Hungry by Stephanie Hamilton

"We all HUNGER for more meaning.  Searching endlessly, and insatiably so...trying to fill the cracks that creep into our existence.  We are waiting for someone, or something to come and light up our lives, when all along WE are the solution, WE are the creation, WE ARE OUR OWN SAVIOR." Stephanie's book is quite unique, it is hard to really classify. When reading it I am drawn in by the inspiring, thought-provoking, and thruthful words that she speaks, reflecting on our journey into finding what we need to fill that hole inside, that hunger we feel, but know not what for. Then I turn the … [Read more...]


I am struggling…….. Here I am, sitting in the place I call my “soul home”, and that I’ve always found so much comfort in, and I…..AM…….struggling….. Since the day we arrived, it has been the land of fast forward, nothing like the inner peace I have found over the past few years, and I am struggling to maintain it. Admittedly, I actually have a pretty good strike rate considering the amount of time I’ve been back.  I found a villa after being here for only 4 days, spent the last few weeks getting the girls into school (a logistical nightmare, but need to just be grateful … [Read more...]

Dubai Delights Rediscovered

We made it!! After all the shuffling of plans, (a job in Qatar, a trip to South America and Africa, and whatever else might have ‘been’) we are now firmly planted in Dubai and slowly reacquainting ourselves with all of the opportunities that surround us. It feels quite strange….and in a good kinda “strange” way, we feel as though we’ve come “home”. As most of our friends keep telling us “It’s like you never left”…..and I guess you could say that in spirit, we probably did leave a little part of us back here when we left 3 years ago and moved to New Zealand unexpectedly. … [Read more...]

Into the Clear

Let me ask you something...... There's a question and a reasoning that's been playing on my mind lately, and it's almost been standing there with a red banner saying "Hello!! Read this message loud and you hear me?? Then, when you really get it...go out and SHARE it!!". And so my question to you is.... "Would you consider going for a day without a bath/shower? What about a week? Or even maybe......a month??" I can see you writhing now, I've gotten under your skin (which by the way is really, really dirty if you haven't noticed?? Take a bath will you!! lol), and it's amazing … [Read more...]