Bugged by Allergies

More research has been published showing the relationship between the microbes that live in the gut and the development of allergies, asthma and eczema. Human beings are covered – inside and out – by bugs: bacteria, yeasts, parasites and likely viruses as well.  In fact human cells are outnumbered 10:1 by microbial cells (that is we each have 10x as many microbes on us and in us as we do human cells)!  This collection of microbes is called the human microbiome.  This microbiome plays many essential roles in our health and wellbeing, or lack thereof.  With a healthy microbiome we … [Read more...]

Healthy Food

Michael Pollan Quote

In honour of The Big Swell's Healthy Food Month... So what is healthy food?  It is, unfortunately, a good question these days.  I say unfortunately because I find it a very sad state of affairs that we have been bombarded with so much misinformation from media, the food industry and even governments (who let’s face it, may have ulterior interests) that most people are completely misguided and befuddled in their honourable intentions to eat well and feed their families well. Regularly in clinical practice I have people come in, certain that they are eating healthy and seemingly doing … [Read more...]