Losing those extra kilos with 3 under 4 AAAGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well what can I say.... It takes something..... between breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner,  changing nappies, feeding baby, listening to husbands day... washing washing washing, cleaning cleaning cleaning... when do you exercise?... The answer is you fit it in.... Just like a new baby fits into your life... it feels like it takes sooooo much at first..... then somewhere along the line it becomes part of your day... I am at the beginning of the fitting it into my life part.  :) After having Solomon, I started exercising at a local gym in Melbourne.... Fitness Kick ..... AWESOME … [Read more...]

My new life in Castlemaine….

Well it's been a while since I last wrote anything and you have been probably wondering what has been happening!  All I can say is the 1st 3 months of my new life in Castlemaine has been ONE HELL OF A RIDE............... After meeting my husband Sonny in Melbourne and living 5 years together in Kensington where we birthed all of our three children at home.  We went from free flowing couple to parents of 3 and then moving to the country.  No one told me what a Goliath! effort it is to move with children!!!!!  Hats off to my parents who did it several times in my childhood.  Eamon our youngest … [Read more...]

Introducing Deborah Neale – Australia

Deborah Neale is a home mum, a wife, a teacher, a leadership coach and a passionate greenie. She has three children under four with plans for another. Deborah has spent a life-time learning and teaching people about sustainable living, natural parenting, home birthing, and living a created life! She firmly believes that families, and the quality of the relationships within them, are the single biggest factor in causing a sustainable planet for future generations. Mums are the cornerstone of every family - the key person. A mum’s role is to manage all the relationships in the family and ensure … [Read more...]