Do you resent the time your children take?

Do you resent the time your children take? Are you juggling mothering with everything else? A young mother came to see me for coaching.  She was trying to start her own business. She felt overwhelmed.  She was married, had a preschooler and a breastfeeding baby. She felt pulled and trapped by her own choices.   She was challenged by her own values.  She wanted to be there for her children, she wanted to spend time with her husband.  She loved tramping and she wanted to get out to the mountains for her own sanity.  Her fledgling business gave her so much motivation and pleasure and … [Read more...]

Are you exhausted

Exhausted? Overwhelmed? Want an energy boost? If you are doing all the right things; Eating reasonably well - Getting some exercise - Getting good sleep and yet are still exhausted Check for emotional energy leaks.   Emotional fatigue can exhaust you.   You have to stop drains on your emotional energy.  It is intricately linked to your physical energy. Losing emotional energy is easy to detect.  It’s that feeling you get when; -        You reluctantly agree to something you know in your heart you really don’t want to. -        You go over and over … [Read more...]