the sleep deprivation diet

I wrote this post over on my blog today. Sharing it here for the benefit of all the sleep deprived parents out there... Amy. I have lived under the haze of chronic sleep deprivation for the last  six or seven years.  Having four young children very close in age is the primary cause. For four of those seven years I’ve been breastfeeding; all my boys have been keen night-time feeders ( one – three feeds a night until sometime around their first birthday).  I’ve chosen to do this (I don’t live under a rock, and am well aware that there are other approaches to parenting that might be … [Read more...]

The White Stuff ; Sweet Confessions from the Parenting Front Line

If you’ve read my blog you’ll know I spend a fair bit of time thinking, making, photographing (dreaming) of food. I figure with all that going on it’s best to try and keep the worrying about food to a minimum (with 4 young kids I'm eager to keep the worrying to a minimum full stop). I do my best to give my kids a nutrient dense diet of real food and if some days my best doesn’t quite look like the stuff food-dreams are made of then I try not to sweat it. The small people appear to be thriving even if I’m not soaking their grains, or giving them too many second helpings of leafy greens. … [Read more...]

The Fortunate Ones

A large green Aga stood at the heart of my childhood kitchen. It was oil fuelled and therefore constantly exuded warmth. From it, my mum (with a little ‘help’ from the rest of us) produced an endless stream of nutritious meals, usually organic and always cooked from scratch. We would eat these meals together on an over-size pine table in the centre of the room. There was never a shortage of anything; food, conversation, debate, laughter. Above the Aga, at Christmas time, mum would tack up a little newspaper clipping, about the size of a business card. It read; ‘If you think Christmas wouldn’t … [Read more...]

Kid – Food – Wisdom

Hello! This is my first post for the big swell (delighted to be contributing to such a great project).. so I thought I would start with a post that's a work in progress on my own blog. This post is a summary of where I'm at in the journey of feeding my tribe of four young boys. Some of it might be helpful, some of it might make you smile, and some of it you might think is a load of rubbish.... but the point of blogging is to stimulate thought and debate. To start the conversation. So here's my starting point. In the beginning,  as a mum, I was completely clueless (and I had a real 'foodie' … [Read more...]