Review and renew!

This week is all about ‘review and renew’ … we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the charity foundation my partner Nicholas set up in 1987 to save the black rhino in Zimbabwe. Against the odds, they are committed to saving one of the world’s most endangered species … this week’s photo is dedicated to SAVE African Rhino and all their efforts over the past 25 years! Any milestone is an opportunity to pause, reflect and review our progress. For SAVE African Rhino, this week was about the past 25 years. We’ve reached a milestone too … it’s the half way mark on our journey of ‘One … [Read more...]

Moving forward!

In response to last week’s post –’Ticket to freedom!’, I received a number of requests for more explanation about whether to use the word ‘should’ … or not. This week we’re using ‘should’ in ways to move forward with living our ultimate Champagne Life. Disempowering ourselves and others The success of any communication starts with where we are coming from, while we are delivering it … whether we are coming from an empowering or disempowering context. If we’ve been using the word ‘should’ to berate ourselves for not doing things we hoped would happen, but … [Read more...]

Ticket to freedom!

Five ‘shoulds’ in five minutes! UK Prime Minister, David Cameron appeared before the Leveson media ethics enquiry on television last night  … facing tough questions about his ties with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.   How fascinating it was to watch and listen as he defended his situation. As he justified himself and his actions, he gave a feast of  ‘shoulds’ … at least five in five minutes! Referring to the phone hacking scandal he said: “The incident with Milly Dowler highlighted the way it ‘should’ have been done.” “In a free market environment … [Read more...]

Standing for something!

I bet you can’t guess for the life of you, who was cruising down the river last Sunday afternoon?! More than a million people lined the banks of the River Thames to join the action; crammed in with cameras and Union Jacks … what a feast of pride and admiration as part of such a unique floating celebration! All were there hoping to catch a glimpse of one remarkable woman … Queen Elizabeth II, who stood on the deck of Her Majesty’s royal barge for three and a half hours, in the rain and chill of London’s weather. All for the river pageant part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations. A … [Read more...]

Flying high versus flying low

Living your Ultimate Champagne Life is about enriching your relationships with yourself and others … you can fly higher by simply elevating your daily experience. This week, at the delightful and heart warming musical Mary Poppins … I was reminded of the importance of flying high versus flying low. As nanny for the Banks family, Mary Poppins was faced with Mr Banks (George), who treats his wife, children and servants as assets rather than people … creating a dysfunctional family, by running their household like a British bank. Mrs Banks was starving for his attention and all their children … [Read more...]