The Help by Kathryn Stockett

I am yet to see the movie of this book, although I was interested to watch all the hype around the film during the Oscars. At that time I heard an alarming fact - apparently this book was declined by 60 publishers before finally getting published. 60. That's amazing. Could the publishers not read? I read The Help while in hospital for surgery on my ankle. I was therefore a captive audience and able to give it my full attention. Unfortunately, as I had nothing else to do, I read this book in two days because I simply could not put it down. Luckily I was in a room on my own as when the pain woke … [Read more...]

You Can Create an Exceptional Life by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson

This is The Big Swell Book Group first book review, so the start of a new journey and experience for us all. I therefore thought it would be appropriate to try something inspirational and motivating to give us all a boost of energy for the start of a new year. When I suggested using this book my sister told me that she wasn't really into 'self help' and that it might not be her 'cup of tea'. But I don't see this book in the same way as other 'self help' books. In fact I have heard the author Louise Hay refer to this book not by its published title but rather as 'conversations between Louise and … [Read more...]

Books and movies of books

Ok, I know that's it's not time yet for the first book review, but I was inspired by something a friend of mine posted on Facebook. He posted the advert for the film of the book We Need To Talk About Kevin. Have you read that book? I found it fascinating, harrowing and a great conversation piece. Essentially it is all about the question of nature versus nurture, and an interesting take on perspective, as we only know what the author tells us, which of course is totally subjective. But I am getting off the point. It made me think about all the great books there are that have been turned into movies. … [Read more...]

Book group

I love reading. I love the escape, the imagination and I love the learning and exploration that can be gleaned from the pages of a book. And I love that it is for me. Of course, how to fit in any 'me' time is always a juggle. Most nights by the time I climb into bed I am barely past the first paragraph before my eyelids grow heavy and I have to admit defeat and go to sleep. But one of the things I enjoy most about reading is being able to talk about the book that I have just read. Whether it is fiction, fact, self-help or educational there is always something to be learnt from trying to express … [Read more...]