10 easy, healthy lunchbox ideas

We dusted off our lunchboxes this week as my girls returned to their various preschool activities after the summer holidays. On Monday I certainly struggled to think of good lunchbox fillers and have been trying to put more thought into it as the week has gone on. My eldest daughter needs a packed lunch four days a week now. Ideally I'd love these lunches to be varied, healthy, homemade, tasty and desirable, without being too stressful for me to put together. To me a healthy lunch is one full of real food and real ingredients. I try to limit the amount of refined white sugar, refined white … [Read more...]

Linking self-worth and net worth!

For those of us down under, an abundance of fresh strawberries in season is usually something we watch everyone else devouring … while we’re all rugged up at this time of year, watching the Wimbledon tennis action on television! Watching Wimbledon is not just about the tennis, it’s about history and tradition, it’s about strawberries and champagne, it’s about acknowledging all the celebrities in the crowd, and it’s about getting in touch with what it takes to have the mindset and self-worth of a champion. With such an amazing standard of tennis this year, many of the top players … [Read more...]

Review and renew!

This week is all about ‘review and renew’ … we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the charity foundation my partner Nicholas set up in 1987 to save the black rhino in Zimbabwe. Against the odds, they are committed to saving one of the world’s most endangered species … this week’s photo is dedicated to SAVE African Rhino and all their efforts over the past 25 years! Any milestone is an opportunity to pause, reflect and review our progress. For SAVE African Rhino, this week was about the past 25 years. We’ve reached a milestone too … it’s the half way mark on our journey of ‘One … [Read more...]

Lightbulb Moment

Yesterday I was feeling rather restless. I felt like I was looking for something, although I did not know what. So I went to my bed, where I have a stack of books, and looked at them all, waiting for inspiration. I was drawn to Cheryl Richardson's The Unmistakable Touch of Grace, so I went and sat in my rocking chair in front of the fire, dog at my feet, and started to read. The title is perfect. Within an hour I went from feeling restless, searching, to motivated and inspired. This is what happened. As I was reading Cheryl's experience of asking for divine guidance with regard to the subject … [Read more...]

The impact of a great mentor!

I was saddened to hear that one of my mentors from my first career, Vidal Sassoon, died earlier this month aged 84. Vidal Sassoon was the architect of hair … the man who literally turned the 20th-century world of hairdressing on its head! During the sixties, he dreamed of a world where women were able to run their fingers through their hair. He took ideas from architecture around the world as the inspiration for his creations. The opera house in Sydney, one of the most distinctive and famous 20th-century buildings, was one of those buildings he took inspiration from, when designing his geometric … [Read more...]