Linking self-worth and net worth!

For those of us down under, an abundance of fresh strawberries in season is usually something we watch everyone else devouring … while we’re all rugged up at this time of year, watching the Wimbledon tennis action on television! Watching Wimbledon is not just about the tennis, it’s about history and tradition, it’s about strawberries and champagne, it’s about acknowledging all the celebrities in the crowd, and it’s about getting in touch with what it takes to have the mindset and self-worth of a champion. With such an amazing standard of tennis this year, many of the top players … [Read more...]

Review and renew!

This week is all about ‘review and renew’ … we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the charity foundation my partner Nicholas set up in 1987 to save the black rhino in Zimbabwe. Against the odds, they are committed to saving one of the world’s most endangered species … this week’s photo is dedicated to SAVE African Rhino and all their efforts over the past 25 years! Any milestone is an opportunity to pause, reflect and review our progress. For SAVE African Rhino, this week was about the past 25 years. We’ve reached a milestone too … it’s the half way mark on our journey of ‘One … [Read more...]

Cooking for others

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about cooking for others and the meaning behind the action. I don’t mean carving roast beef and passing around popovers for dinner guests (although that also has its qualities), but hot, nourishing meals that are made with care and delivered to someone in need. There’s a lot to be said for the benefits of good, home cooked food when you are emotionally and physically low on reserves. A friend of mine has recently been told that her husband’s cancer has spread and he doesn’t have a lot of time left.  I’m sure the last thing she wants to be doing … [Read more...]

Homemade baby wipes

Have you read the ingredients list of baby wipes recently? Some of them are filled with names I cant even pronounce, and the list is a mile long. Its not exactly what you want to be putting on your baby's skin - even a bottom! Some of the ingredients in baby wipes are known carcinogens, can cause toxicity in liver and kidneys, are skin irritants and can affect development. So when you think about how many times you have used baby wipes to wipe snotty noses, clean ice cream of fingers and faces, and wipe felt from arms... it can be a little scary! We cant dwell on the past.... but we can make … [Read more...]

An Ordinary Day

Just over 5 years ago I became a mumma and took on motherhood like each and every one of us. It was amazing, wonderful, delightful and a dream come true. My baby girl was developing according to what each and every textbook said. She crawled, walked and talked way ahead of time and was just a delight. There were two of us to take care of her and share the load so even during the tougher parts.. life was sweet. A couple of years passed and I was due to give birth to my second bubba. The pregnancy went beautifully yet again, and even the day of my little mans birth was quite the joke.. It was … [Read more...]