Linking self-worth and net worth!

For those of us down under, an abundance of fresh strawberries in season is usually something we watch everyone else devouring … while we’re all rugged up at this time of year, watching the Wimbledon tennis action on television! Watching Wimbledon is not just about the tennis, it’s about history and tradition, it’s about strawberries and champagne, it’s about acknowledging all the celebrities in the crowd, and it’s about getting in touch with what it takes to have the mindset and self-worth of a champion. With such an amazing standard of tennis this year, many of the top players … [Read more...]

Chicken, Vegetable & Barley Soup

SLOW COOKER RECIPE 3 Skinless Boneless Chicken Thighs 2 Onions, sliced 4 stalks of celery (don't include leaves) 1 large carrot 1 c each Frozen Peas and Corn 1/2c Barley 1 - 2 sprigs thyme, marjoram or oregano 3 c Salt reduced Chicken Stock 3 c Water 1 Courgette, sliced 4 thick grainy bread Grated Hard Cheese to serve 1 Turn slow cooker on to low. Slice Chicken Thighs and place at base of slow cooker 2 Cover w/onions, celery, carrot, peas, corn, barley and fresh herbs. Pour in Stock and water and cover with lid. 3 Cook 5 - 6 hours. Stir once and add courgette 30 minutes before … [Read more...]

What are you looking for?

The magic of taking a second look On my first, split second glance at this photo … I saw an autumn leaf resting in its crinkled colourful glory on a moss covered branch. On looking more closely, I discovered a masterpiece of nature … a beautiful moth with velvet wings! We ain’t seen half of it! It reminded me of an exercise I often do in my workshops. I start by asking the participants to look around the room and take everything in. The next step is to close their eyes and count the number of white things in the room. It’s amazing when I ask them to open their eyes and tell … [Read more...]

Review and renew!

This week is all about ‘review and renew’ … we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the charity foundation my partner Nicholas set up in 1987 to save the black rhino in Zimbabwe. Against the odds, they are committed to saving one of the world’s most endangered species … this week’s photo is dedicated to SAVE African Rhino and all their efforts over the past 25 years! Any milestone is an opportunity to pause, reflect and review our progress. For SAVE African Rhino, this week was about the past 25 years. We’ve reached a milestone too … it’s the half way mark on our journey of ‘One … [Read more...]

Moving forward!

In response to last week’s post –’Ticket to freedom!’, I received a number of requests for more explanation about whether to use the word ‘should’ … or not. This week we’re using ‘should’ in ways to move forward with living our ultimate Champagne Life. Disempowering ourselves and others The success of any communication starts with where we are coming from, while we are delivering it … whether we are coming from an empowering or disempowering context. If we’ve been using the word ‘should’ to berate ourselves for not doing things we hoped would happen, but … [Read more...]