Lightbulb Moment

Yesterday I was feeling rather restless. I felt like I was looking for something, although I did not know what. So I went to my bed, where I have a stack of books, and looked at them all, waiting for inspiration. I was drawn to Cheryl Richardson’s The Unmistakable Touch of Grace, so I went and sat in my rocking chair in front of the fire, dog at my feet, and started to read. The title is perfect. Within an hour I went from feeling restless, searching, to motivated and inspired. This is what happened.

As I was reading Cheryl’s experience of asking for divine guidance with regard to the subject matter of her next book I was also focussing on what my journey was. There is a statement at the beginning of the book:

I am open and receptive to the power of grace in my life now. I ask to be shown clear examples of how this energy is operating in my life.

I repeated this statement, out loud as suggested, several times as I continued reading. Suddenly, bright in my mind, I had the image of bluebells. This is a logo that I drew about 8 years ago, when I had my vision of opening Bluebells, a Centre for Wellbeing. Blue because that has associations with sadness, bell because that’s my name, and bluebells because they are the flowers of spring, of hope, of nature.

So off I went in search of this picture that I once painted. I have moved house four times and country twice since I painted that picture, so it was a bit of a long shot thinking I would find it, but what I did find on my travels was a folder that I had completely forgotten about. On the front was written Bell Coaching and inside was work that I had done around creating my own Life Coaching business. It was interesting, almost depressing, to see it dated 2002, 2004, 2005…. where had all that time gone? Why had I forgotten that I had even done all this work? But it is not in vain. Here I have been trying to work out what I am doing, where my passion lies, what my journey is, and it was sitting in a folder in my cupboard all the time.

Bell Coaching has been born. Of course there is still a long journey ahead. A website (Bell Coaching) and facebook page (BellCoaching) does not a business make, but it is a start is it not? It is a beginning. I have to keep telling myself that ‘I can’ even when my fears are shouting ‘I can’t’ and of course my internal dialogue of not being enough (not good enough, not skilled enough) kicks in, but I am ignoring that voice at the moment and ploughing on. I am actually excited. Scared. But Excited.


  1. That’s wonderful Rachael. I took a nosy around your website and loved the comment that most successful people in life have a coach. So true.

    Good luck!

  2. That’s awesome how it happened … Thanks for sharing – and Good Luck with it, timing is obviously perfect 😉

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