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Simply share with us your favourite things about Christmas, your traditions, recipes, gift ideas or memories. Comment in the box below, share on facebook or email, we look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Rachael Bell says:

    From Melanie:
    We decorate the tree as a family with christmas music playing and each year I buy a new decoration for the tree. We go to a christmas carol service at our church and on christmas eve we watch christmas movies until it’s dark when we jump in the car and go see the christmas lights.

  2. Rachael Bell says:

    From Katie:
    We have a Christmas eve tradition which consists of mum baking lots of yummy xmas treats, popcorn, coke and bubbly for the adults and we sit around and watch the Griswolds family Christmas movie, and another tradition is having a picnic at the beach on boxing day with all the tasty leftovers 🙂

  3. Charmaine says:

    We love to spend out the gift giving over the day. Kids open stockings first and play with them til mum and dad have had a coffee. We usually have a big lunch and invite all the family, all the kids play with their cousins and we all just relax, eat and enjoy each others company. Then we all have left overs for dinner

  4. Rachael Bell says:

    From Shontelle: Ours is to just enjoy the day, show our love. we have 5 kids.. We eat lots and get an afternoon nap,

  5. I love Christmas and making traditions with my family, we drive around on Christmas eve looking at all the house with lights. We have Christmas lunch, turkey! and we have or desert for dinner. Its a great day.

  6. Amy McKay says:

    i love every christmas with my 4 kiddies our tradition is to have marshmellows inbetween bickies than melted every christmas morning they just love it.

  7. Rachael Bell says:

    From Nektar: Christmas Traditions! Christmas Dinner served on Christmas eve to allow Mama to have a chill out day on Christmas and actually get to play with the children! Stress free, and you get the leftovers (which we all know are better anyway!). We also allow the children to open one present on Christmas eve, usually from a relative or friend, kind of a warm up for the big day! Great fun!!

  8. Rachael Bell says:

    From Lois:
    We have two xmas traditions
    1. I get my children aged 3 and 8 to produce a piece of xmas inspired art then mount and frame it. They look fantastic. Ive got quite a collection to pull out each xmas now.
    2. Each year we get a photo frame xmas decoration and put in it a photo of the family from xmas day the year before. Its so nice putting up the tree and looking back at xmas pasts. I imagine that one day these decorations will be family heirlooms.

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