The impact of a great mentor!

I was saddened to hear that one of my mentors from my first career, Vidal Sassoon, died earlier this month aged 84. Vidal Sassoon was the architect of hair … the man who literally turned the 20th-century world of hairdressing on its head!

During the sixties, he dreamed of a world where women were able to run their fingers through their hair. He took ideas from architecture around the world as the inspiration for his creations. The opera house in Sydney, one of the most distinctive and famous 20th-century buildings, was one of those buildings he took inspiration from, when designing his geometric and asymmetrical looks.

To complete his dream, the blow dryer was invented … it was very fitting that hairdressers throughout Australia turned their blow dryers off for a minute’s silence, as a mark of respect at his passing. It served as a reminder for me about the massive value he brought to my life, for which I’m deeply grateful.

In my first career as a hairdresser, I fulfilled one of my dreams by going to the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London for advanced training. As a consequence, I won the overall points’ award at the New Zealand hairdressing championships the following year. With that accomplishment, I was offered a contract with Wella NZ and became their first female divisional manager. I don’t say all of this to be impressive; my point is … the impact of a great mentor can change the course of your life! Vidal Sassoon was the source of making a huge difference in my life … he was that mentor for me!

Conversely, choosing the wrong mentor for any endeavour can turn out to be an expensive mistake. It can set you back in a big way, in dollars, time and energy!

The cost of not choosing a mentor wisely

Today, the internet is full of quick fix, millionaire makers all peddling their wares. Some are making huge declarations to the world about turning people into millionaires … (while they turn themselves into billionaires in the process)! Gathering bunches of admirers and followers, charging them thousands of $$$s … then luring them with big prizes for the number of other people they introduce … I’d start to look at where their heart really lies. Are they authentically there to serve and ensure their clients become all they can be?

If a mentor is going to be your trusted advisor … what questions should you ask before choosing one? Should you have more than one mentor at a time? I like the sage advice of mentor Lisa Sasevich, who says choosing one mentor at a time, rolling up your sleeves and getting down to work is a great strategy.  She recommends the following questions to ask before making a choice:

7 quality questions to ask before choosing a mentor

  • “Do they have a specific and proven strategy?
  •  Do I trust them?
  • Do they support me in being guided by ‘my trusted source’? (inner guidance)
  • Do they have what I want in that specific area?
  • Do they inspire me? When I look at them, do I see something bigger than myself?
  • Do they remind me of who I am?
  • Are they still relevant? Are they keeping up? Are they innovating?”

You can speed up your progress in living your Ultimate Champagne Life, by choosing the right mentor for you. It can provide a huge return on your investment!

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