Homemade baby wipes

Have you read the ingredients list of baby wipes recently? Some of them are filled with names I cant even pronounce, and the list is a mile long. Its not exactly what you want to be putting on your baby’s skin – even a bottom! Some of the ingredients in baby wipes are known carcinogens, can cause toxicity in liver and kidneys, are skin irritants and can affect development. So when you think about how many times you have used baby wipes to wipe snotty noses, clean ice cream of fingers and faces, and wipe felt from arms… it can be a little scary!

We cant dwell on the past…. but we can make a difference to the future!! May I introduce to you… homemade baby wipes!!!!

I have had babies in nappies for over 6 years now… and have spent almost as long perfecting a baby wipes recipe. Some ended up mouldy, some cloths didn’t work. Some mums simply use a wet cloth, but when we change nappies in our house we don’t normally run to the kitchen sink as habit! Some didn’t smell good, some didn’t last… I had many disasters!

The key I was looking for was a recipe that would work for both disposable nappies and cloth nappies, as we use both in this house!! So obviously using paper towels don’t work with cloth nappies (have you ever washed a tissue?!)!!!

I have finally got a recipe I am really happy with, that showed that sometimes simple and easy really is better……  and today I’m going to share it with you!

You’ll need a container with a lid and a glass jar or bottle with a lid (approx 100ml). You will also need wipes – I use these ones in the picture (budget, or chux), or cloth (I use itti bitti or homemade ones).

In the jar or bottle, pour 15-20 mls of rosewater. Add 5 drops of Dr Bronners Rose castile soap (if you don’t have this, use a good quality oil such as apricot kernel) Top up the jar or bottle with water.

If you are using supermarket wipes (like those in the picture) cut to size. I usually cut chux into quarters and these budget wipes into halves – dont be too fussy!

Place into your container, and pour over approx 1/4 of the solution. If the wipes arent wet enough, add a little tap water.

Store the solution in the fridge.

These chux/budget/supermarket wipes are cheap enough to throw away with disposables, but even better – they wash!!! Chuck them through the washing machine with your cloth nappies, and hang bunches of them together on the line. Reuse several times!!

However if you are a cloth nappy addict, I highly reccomend you make or invest in some cloth wipes – they making cleaning up so much easier and nicer!!!

I told you it was easy!!! The rosewater acts as antibacterial and antiseptic. It smells devine!!!


Ashlee The Motherhood Project


  1. Frank says:

    I use a wee spray bottle that I got in a pack of travel cosmetic bottles. I just put my solution in it (I use water with a bit of baking soda which helps neutralise wee if it’s acidic and prevents nappy rash, but the recipe here would be good too) That way you can just carry around dry wipes. Spray baby’s bum then wipe off. Easy as, and baby ends up with a dry bum!

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