What are you looking for?

The magic of taking a second look
On my first, split second glance at this photo … I saw an autumn leaf resting in its crinkled colourful glory on a moss covered branch. On looking more closely, I discovered a masterpiece of nature … a beautiful moth with velvet wings!

We ain’t seen half of it!

It reminded me of an exercise I often do in my workshops. I start by asking the participants to look around the room and take everything in. The next step is to close their eyes and count the number of white things in the room.
It’s amazing when I ask them to open their eyes and tell me how many white things they can point out in the room. Common answers are five, 10, and 20 at the most!
When I start to expand their awareness, people are gobsmacked! An example of this was a workshop I was holding in a library … think of all the white pages in every book! A whole library full of them!
What are we not seeing that might be right in front of us?

The cost of not seeing fully

To seek what we truly want, it’s all about bringing both a high level of energy and a laser focus to life.
■If we don’t bring high energy and high focus to whatever we say is our ultimate champagne life, our level of engaging with our dreams is negligible. It’s called procrastination and it’s all about an avoidance of risk.
■If we have high energy, but we’re not bringing high focus to achieving our dreams … we will be easily distracted and go off on tangents without focussing on the very thing we say we want.
■On the other hand, if we have a high focus and low levels of energy, we will not be enthusiastic about doing anything about moving forward with taking action on our dreams.

Where else are we walking around with blinkers on and not seeing all there is to see? Where are we limiting ourselves with below average levels of energy and focus?

What you look for constantly is what you’ll see!

■The things we bring energy and focus to … the things we are always looking at and taking action on, are where our biggest successes lie. High energy and high focus can produce massive results.


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