Hungry by Stephanie Hamilton

“We all HUNGER for more meaning.  Searching endlessly, and insatiably so…trying to fill the cracks that creep into our existence.  We are waiting for someone, or something to come and light up our lives, when all along WE are the solution, WE are the creation, WE ARE OUR OWN SAVIOR.”

Stephanie’s book is quite unique, it is hard to really classify. When reading it I am drawn in by the inspiring, thought-provoking, and thruthful words that she speaks, reflecting on our journey into finding what we need to fill that hole inside, that hunger we feel, but know not what for. Then I turn the page and am struck by the beauty of the photographs. Intricate, personal, expressive, they draw you in and make you feel like you are in them, experiencing the joy they behold. Other pages remind me almost of affirmation cards, and I wish I could tear them out of the book and frame them for me wall. With simple sentences such as “Go and find your quiet place, and within that space, you will find your symphony” or “There is to right or wrong way to GROW. We are each imprinted with a special blueprint within to express our own uniqueness” I feel inspired.

The book itself does not take long to read, it is not that kind of book. It is a journey, a book that I feel like randomly opening each day to see what wisdom lies within. Stephanie talks about the need to acknowledge that we are always exactly where we need to be, and who we are meant to be, and I feel that each day this book could offer me exactly what I need to read or see. So, would I recommend it? YES! If you are hungry, like so many of us are, to find that place inside to really find that contentment, then this book is for you. Join Stephanie on her journey, follow her musings that she ‘channelled’ as she walked the lush bush of New Zealand, treasure the pictures of her family in their new home of Dubai, and when you have done all that, I doubt you will be Hungry anymore.

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