Creating one year from now!

Today we’re looking out ahead just like the leopard in the early morning sun …

Where will you be one year from now?

While we’ll be planning with the end in mind in this series, a good place to start is by looking at what’s been accomplished this year. Every action we’ve taken in the last year has built the future we have right now. I received an email from Marion this week which says it all:

“Thanks for your weekly blog – besides being interesting it gives me a reminder each week to keep up my goals energy.  And your Africa trip sounds amazing!  It is so great to be able to hear your learnings from this.  I love the recent blogs about living simply and eating fresh foods. I wanted to share with you my journey over the past year. Just over twelve months ago I started your Champagne Life course in Perth.

  • One of my commitments was to record every dollar I spent.  I still continue this, which I find really useful.  It has given me some huge insights into where I spend (waste!) my money and has put new perspective on how to distribute my salary.

Taking financial actions

Some financial actions that I have taken since completing your course are:

  •  increasing my voluntary super contributions.  I attended a free superannuation seminar and learned even more about how to maximise my super.
  • putting aside a fortnightly amount for annual clothes and hairdressing expenses.  Before recording my expenditure I used to just deal with expenses as they came up, so some months would be lean, others would be full of additional expenses, still to be met from the same income amount.
  • I got a second job.  All income from this job goes into a separate account, saving for my goals.  So now I am going on a holiday to the UK in December, and to visit my sister in Tasmania in April, without having to draw down my mortgage to pay for it.
  • I borrowed a large portion of my remaining mortgage debt from my partner.  By maintaining the existing repayment amount this has made a huge difference to the amount owing on the principal, and in just six months has reduced my term of loan by over half!  Wow!

The Power of Habit

I also read the book “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg that you mentioned in one of your blogs.  This is a great book and I learned so much from it.  Being such a science nerd, I enjoyed reading the science behind the surveys being reported, and it made the results more credible.

One of the most amazing parts was a snippet saying that people who make their bed are better money managers.  Sounds ridiculous, so I did a mini survey of friends and family, and found that this is actually true! So I decided to make my bed every afternoon when I get home from work (I am not the last one out of bed in the morning), and I found that such a small manageable action actually does make a difference. Somehow being disciplined and managing one small action translates into many other actions.  Now I find that I file my work papers daily, prepare ahead for the following days activities, commit my time to exercise more, and keep on top of my budget!

So many thanks for keeping me on track.  I really appreciate all the time you put into your workshops, and I am grateful I took the opportunity to attend.”

Thanks for sharing and congratulations Marion!  And now it’s time for us to start with one small action for building our Champagne Life one year from now …

Three quick tips for turning a small action into many other actions:

1. Chunk it down! – Break things down into ‘bite sized pieces’ or ‘daily or hourly bits’ instead of overwhelming ourselves with unrealistic expectations of too much to do and too little time!

2. Prioritise! – Ask yourself, what are the steps I need to take right now to forward my progress today? If any action doesn’t move you closer to realising your Champagne Life … why are you doing it?

3. Start! – Clara shares: Going all out for 10 minutes a day has been hugely effective for me. The projects I was struggling to get things done in, have moved forward dramatically. Some days you just need the start!” Begin it now … starting is half done!

Create one year from now with small actions today!

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