Christmas Traditions

How do you celebrate Christmas? What are your traditions, favourite recipes, gift ideas, decorations? We would love to hear how you make this festive season special, happy and healthy for you and your family.

Please visit our Facebook Page and post your traditions, pictures, ideas and all things that you would like to share about Christmas. You can also share your great Christmas Recipes on our Recipe Entry Form. Alternatively email with your ideas, or simply leave a message in the comment box below.

Over the next six weeks all of your traditions will be posted and the most popular entry will receive a Christmas Surivival Pack, including items from Lifestream such as their Spirulina Blue to help you manage with the stress of Christmas and give you that boost of energy and their Digestive Enzymes for coping with all the eating!

The winner will be announced on 16th December, just in time for you to receive your gift, and all the great ideas to be shared, in time for Christmas. I can’t wait to see how you all celebrate this festive time of year! Thanks for sharing.


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