Review and renew!

This week is all about ‘review and renew’ … we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the charity foundation my partner Nicholas set up in 1987 to save the black rhino in Zimbabwe. Against the odds, they are committed to saving one of the world’s most endangered species … this week’s photo is dedicated to SAVE African Rhino and all their efforts over the past 25 years!

Any milestone is an opportunity to pause, reflect and review our progress. For SAVE African Rhino, this week was about the past 25 years. We’ve reached a milestone too … it’s the half way mark on our journey of ‘One Year to your Ultimate Champagne Life!’ Here in Australia, 30th June also signals the end of the financial year … yet another milestone opportunity to pause, reflect and review.

Reviewing your progress

Sometimes it’s easier to feel good about the goals we’re on track with and harder to acknowledge where we’re being ordinary. I’ve made great progress in achieving what I set out to do in some areas. Other areas have a revised schedule … and yes I haven’t been to the gym five times every week! The key point to remember when reviewing your progress is:

“A step in the wrong direction is better than staying on the spot all our life. Once you’re moving forward you can correct your course as you go. Your automatic guidance system cannot guide you when you’re standing still.” Maxwell Maltz

I’ve had a change in direction with my plan for setting up Champagne Life Clubs. Instead, I’m personally training and mentoring groups where I can make a bigger difference. As with any flight plan, it’s simply a course correction.

Getting back in the game

While I was sitting on the beach in Bali taking a break last week, I was watching a woman learning to windsurf. She just managed to hoist herself upright for a few seconds at a time, before capsizing into the water once again. Like a child learning to walk; it’s a matter of taking a few steps, falling over, picking yourself up again and starting over.

Getting back in the game and taking action is the single most important step.

7 easy steps for renewing your intention to fulfil your dreams!

  • 1. Pause, reflect, acknowledge and celebrate – take time out to review your progress. Include all your accomplishments, any disappointments and failures. Be sure to celebrate the accomplishments and reward yourself as promised. Acknowledge the source of any ‘less than desirable’ results. It doesn’t mean you have to give up the dream. It may simply be due to lack of a clear picture, detailed plan or daily focus.
  • 2. Clarify your dreams – moving forward, ensure you have a clear picture of what you want to achieve in each life arena that’s important to you. Describe each one in detail and write it down.
  • 3. Define/ refine your goals – clearly define / refine your goals for each life arena and ensure they reflect your highest values. You may wish to review the post: One Year to Your Ultimate Champagne Life Week#1 – Setting inspiring goals!
  • 4. Make a plan – create a detailed plan for the next six months with milestones along the way (according to the completion date of your goal).
  • 5. List the steps – make a list of the steps needed for achieving each milestone.
  • 6. Take action – list the immediate tasks, schedule future tasks and start taking action today.
  • 7. Get support – Set up a support structure so that others can contribute to you achieving your goals. A support structure can also be any ‘tangible’ practices you set up. I’ll always remember the story of a woman who slept in her bathers each night to ensure she got out of bed and went to swimming practice each morning! Do whatever works to empower you to take action!

Renewing our intention to fulfil our dreams is a way of recommencing anything that’s stopped.  It’s a great way of starting over!

By Maree Wrack

To read more by Maree, and find out more about her, please visit her website Champagne Life on a Beer Budget

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