Flying high versus flying low

Living your Ultimate Champagne Life is about enriching your relationships with yourself and others … you can fly higher by simply elevating your daily experience.

This week, at the delightful and heart warming musical Mary Poppins … I was reminded of the importance of flying high versus flying low.

As nanny for the Banks family, Mary Poppins was faced with Mr Banks (George), who treats his wife, children and servants as assets rather than people … creating a dysfunctional family, by running their household like a British bank.

Mrs Banks was starving for his attention and all their children wanted, was for their father to love them. They make George’s attitude of indifference mean that he doesn’t like them, so they try desperately to live up to his demands. It leaves them all flying low with a shaky self esteem.

So what exactly is flying low with a shaky self esteem?

The cost of flying low

 A great analogy is Virginia Satir’s self esteem pot. In her book ‘Peoplemaking’ she used a very powerful metaphor of the pot, when referring to self worth or self esteem. How we feel about ourselves is the pot we carry around. If we are feeling empty (low pot), we may be feeling tired, unlovable, not worthy or that we don’t matter. Experiencing ‘little worth’… shows up as expecting to be stepped on, put down by others and because we are inviting the worst, it’s usually what we get.

With many disappointments, fear and mistrust can rear their ugly heads and it becomes easy to separate ourselves from others and put up barriers. At times that we fail or are faced with non achievement, we may suffer from lack of recognition, or at best receive negative feedback. We can make it mean that we are a failure and suffer from a crack in the bottom of our pot.

Our esteem is a measure of our performance … so what can we do in low pot or cracked pot to help build our self esteem and start flying high again?

4 simple ways to boost self esteem and start flying high

Feeling full (high pot) means we are feeling good about ourselves.

High pot is being on top of things, feeling loved, being accepted and knowing that we matter. It’s a state of feeling valued, loved, being recognised and receiving positive feedback from others. For us as individuals it means being in good health, growing by learning new things, achieving and being successful at what is important to us. In summary … feeling good about ourselves!

Ways to boost our self esteem or the esteem of others:

1. Acknowledge successes – while growing up in our family we may have decided that we weren’t good enough or worthy enough and we doubt our own value … even when we do experience success! Be sure to accept, own and acknowledge our successes! You are amazing!

2. Forgive any past failures – acknowledge past failures by letting go of any drama, listing the facts and owning that it was a mistake … simply a ‘learning opportunity’. Clean out any murky mud at the bottom of the pot and repair any cracks. Know that you are worth it and be responsible for filling yourself up, taking inspired action and flying high once again!

3. Appreciate and value differences – every peron’s esteem is different. Appreciate and learn from others. Ensure you are acknowledging others with positive feedback so they feel accepted and valued. The bottom line is ensuring that you are a positive influence on the people around you. By appreciating your own worth and you will respect the worth of others.

4. Find your flow, have fun and fly high – if in doubt … let it out.  A simple declaration that you are flying low can get you back on track to flying high again. Get in touch with all your successes from the past and come from that place. As Mary Poppins so wisely said, “In every job that must be done … there is an element of fun.” Keep your spirits high and ENJOY your daily experience of others.

And remember the magic word that was uttered as the whole Banks family were reunited in Mary Poppins … Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

By Maree Wrack

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